Al-Fatah has been providing an assortment of products to its esteemed customer base since 1941. Here at Al-Fatah we are committed day in day out to serve our customers in the best possible way. Al-Fatah family has been successful in revitalizing its relationship with every upcoming generation of our customers.

Welcome to the world of AL-FATAH Islamabad

Our customers are our real strength they encourage us to serve the society in the best possible way. In near future the prospects of Al-Fatah are quite bright as we plan to expand our chain of stores not only in Lahore but in other parts of the country as well till the time that every home nationwide will have an easy accessibility and approach to Al-Fatah.

Innovative methods are used to promote a customer-friendly environment and high quality products, coupled with exceptional customer service and visual representation. We aim to deliver nothing but the best.

The aim is simple- Serve the nation, be the nation. With a customer base that stretches through all demographics of Pakistani society, we aim to proudly associate with them, and have them proudly associate with us. We want our revolutionized model of being the largest and most inspirational retail store to contribute to Pakistan.